Our Story

Filleo was born when I was packing for a trip to Mexico, to help children in need, and looking through my very full closet for things to donate. I saw how selfish I had become when I couldn't find anything to give! I have the great privilege of playing Major League Soccer for the Columbus Crew and I started this organization to help children I come in contact with. If you partner with Filleo you not only reach others in the process, but you help create a culture of giving. Truly loving others begins in ourselves and is furthered when we reach beyond ourselves and give it away.

Sincerely, Jed Zayner. God Bless.

What We Do

Here's what we do

We partner with businesses, camps and any place designing clothing and providing t-shirts already. Filleo will provide a high quality fabric through our partners and using our own designers we will produce a new and trendy logo or design if agreed upon. We can provide these shirts to camps and events for around the same price they would have paid for lesser quality products.

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